Disaster Recovery As A Service For Your Business

Protecting your business data Orlando Fl Data Recovery should come as second nature to any business. In this information age, there are risks such as data intrusion, data loss, and human error. These risks make data protection an important task for any business. 

According to Gartner, there will be over 6.8 billion devices connect by the end of 2016. Towards the end of the year 2020, the number is expected to have risen to 20 billion.

This projected growth in digital devices requires businesses to up their data management strategy to safeguard against disasters that could make the recovery of their data from primary and secondary storages impossible. 

Proper data management ensures that critical user data is well protected and that the organization does not break the industry regulations that are set up to protect user data. Such measures also protect the business’s secrets and safeguard it from loss of .

credulity that comes from the loss of critical data and other business information that needs to be kept private. To put it in simple terms, disaster recovery solutions for a business’s data will save it from closing its doors or going out of business for good. 

There is a worrying trend among the small and medium business enterprises (SMEs). These organizations do not have a documented recovery plan that will be followed when disaster strikes.

Some 42 percent of those who have a plan believe it is not sufficient to cope if disaster strikes. Only 30 percent believe that their data would be recoverable if they had to do so after a disaster. 

The small and medium businesses are experiencing increasing pressure to manage their data. The pressure comes from the fact that more information is being shared using public connections such as the internet as more people start to work remotely.

It is common for people to take their work home and try to access their files from their home PC, mobile devices, or when traveling. That means important files are being accessed from hotels, and airport lounges. Data center managers are experiencing a lot of pressure as they try to be both flexible and secure. 

Holistic Approach 

A holistic approach to securing data will help to minimize downtime when disaster strikes. The associated costs will be limited, and the lost revenue will be minimal as well. The goal is to prevent data loss rather than focusing on its recovery.

The common sources of disaster include hardware failure, human error, software error, and natural disasters. A holistic approach is geared towards preventing important systems, and vital files do not suffer from long-term damage. Just as insuring your home or car is important, the same applies to your critical business data. 

Benefits if the Holistic approach 

The holistic approach enables the use of a service such as the Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This ensures continuous employee productivity, business reputation, continued business advantage, and business revenue continues as they were even after disaster strikes. This strategy also helps avoid being penalized for breaking industry regulations. 

This service ensures that all data is continuously backed up every 15 minutes. If disaster strikes, the origination will only have to work to get 15 minutes back. By working with networking experts to ensure that holistic Data Recovery As A Service And Storage Strategy is provided, the business can run smoothly irrespective of which disaster strikes them.

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