Things you need to know about computer security

Among the several mind-blowing inventions of the modern technology, the computer is the most surprising one. It is needless to say that computer has become the most significant device to store every data; be it an official document, financial statement, personal details or anything. Therefore it is crucial to learn about computer security and the ways to shield your important files from any unauthorised access in this corrupted digital world.

How can you safeguard your computer?                                

A potential breach in security can bring the catastrophic situation to your business. Security violencecan also corrupt your confidential data and documents that are stored on your computer. Each year there are tons of people who regularly face cyber crimes like computer hack, documents stolen, data corruption and many others. So, computer security is necessary to protect your essential and important data from any inappropriate use.

Computer Security

Let us now talk about few easy tips and tricks that can secure your computer at your or office-

  • Installing anti-virus software- Install the latest version of a decent anti-virus software to fight against the harmful viruses. Keep the software always updated to get alerts if something goes wrong.
  • Installing Firewall-You can even use the inbuilt Firewall application on your operating system. The firewall is like the security guard of your computer by preventing unauthorised
  • Keeping your device updated-You should always keep your computer OS and other software up to date to avoid any breaching from happening.
  • Make sure your password is complex and secure-Passwords are the most vital thing that enables your access to your devices, several shopping websites, social networks, banking applications and many others. Always avoid using the same password for different sites and accounts. Also, avoid using passwords like your date of birth, phone number or anything that can be easily guessed. Use long complex passwords consisting letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown links – Clicking on unsolicited links or downloading unknown attachments can be harmful to your computer.
  • Log out from all online session after work-Always be sure to log out from all your online accounts like bank accounts, social accounts or even business


Moreover, the use of a computer is no longer limited within the four walls of an office cabin rather it has taken the control of every modern life in every aspect- starting from managing one’s business or studies to handling money online. It is, therefore, important to ensure computer security and to keep your eyes wide open in this hack-heavy world.

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