Hard Drive Data Loss Statistics and What They Mean.

Lossing data is a contentious issue. Cyber attacks have increased and this year statics show it may worsen. New research warns that more attacks and sophisticated once are frequently occurring. Data loss can cost a lot to a business.

Data Loss Statistics.

There are huge masses of data collected over the world. As a business owner ensure that you test all your back up CD ROMs and tapes before using them. 34% of business people forget to test their backup material which results in a lot of data loss. Being extra cautious helps keep your data safe. As business owner make sure you use online backup so that you can access your data from any place you want and in case of hard disk failure.

Another reason responsible for colossal data loss is because of fire. Over 35% of business have lost their data due to fires, and 70% of them have failed to retrieve their data. The statistics prove the need for backing up your data and records.

It recorded that over 60% of businesses in the US that lose their data shut their operation within six months. Computer failures are the leading cause of data loss. Over 6% of all computers being sold today will have an episode of loss data.

Due to the vulnerability of physical devices, most people tend to store their data in the cloud. This doesn’t mean that cloud is the safest place to store your data. Statistics have proved that over 38% of people who saved their data on cloud lost it. 47% of this was due to end users deleting the data, and 13% due to data overriding and 17% were as a result of hacking. Learning to secure your data will save you money, and in most cases, it can save your business from falling victim to major financial burdens due to data loss.

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