5 Common Hard Drive Issues that You Can Prevent

There are different types of hard drive problems. Each of the problems has to get coupled with a solution for your hard drive to store files and for you to access the files while in the correct format. You should not get trouble with common hard drive issues since there is a solution. Some of the problems include;

Corrupted files

Power surges can cause an abrupt shutdown of your computer. For this reason, your hard disk becomes inaccessible, and you may lose important system files. Also, closing the programs while they are running may result in loss of accessibility to parts of your data and, you may fail to access parts of your computer. Corrupted files give the user a hard time trying to retrieve the information. However, you can ensure that you close your programs before shutting down your computer. Saving your data also saves you the hassle.


Poor ventilation caused by a slow or a non-functional fan results in overheating of the computer, hence damage to the hard drive. A poorly ventilated computer makes some clicking noise. Repairing your fan to reinstate is function can prevent overheating.


Clicking on links that you do not know their sources is a risk factor to virus attack. Viruses manifest in forms of popups, redirection of the site you are working on, freezing of the system and even complete shut down of the computer. To prevent this, you must replace your hard drive after every three years. Also, upgrading your antivirus and regular system update gives you happy user experiences.

Manufacturer’s Faults

The hard disk may go undetected by the system. Hanging and failure to reboot may result from untested hard drive by the manufacturers. It is advisable that you test before purchasing. And, in case of other troubles, you can return since your computer comes along with a two to a one-year warranty.

Human Errors

Wrong installation of the operating system, changing files location and altering the system registry can cause huge damages to the hard drive. In case data is lost in the process, a professional is needed to retrieve it.


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